Fall Farm Festival

The Long Island Fall Farm Festival in Melville is a very popular festival. Attend the festival with your kids, friends and family to witness some of the best and most happening events included with a lot of fun and excitement. Directed at kids, there are interesting events for them such as ‘Play In The Hay’ and ‘Kiddie Land Bouncer Park’ allowing children to regale in excitement. There are several such events which is why this festival is regarded as the best children’s parties in its truest sense.




The fun filled activities do not end here yet, a perfect farm event in the form of ‘Pumpkin Picking’ allows kids to participate and enjoy all of our great activities. Meanwhile, enjoy are many shows including ‘Rodeo Ricky and the Hidden Talent.’ the children are allowed to join the show on the stage with singing and dancing.


If you would like to experience a wilder side of the festival, then you have got a hilarious event named ‘The Pork Chop Review.’ If you ever had speculations regarding the way in which pork is cut into pieces, then this show will highlight the skills of best porkers available around them.
After going through a wide range of hectic activities involved with a lot of surprises, children get to relax by watching a comedy show. It is titled as ‘The Magic & Comedy of Jim McClenahan’ that promises to leave children in laughter for sure.


After enjoying the show heartily, there are more events in store for kids to explore and enjoy. ‘The Boom Kaboom Game’ tests the alertness of children during which a winner will be the one who bursts balloon before anyone else.


Our festival is full of activities and fun, we have bouncers to jump on and you are more than welcome to move on to the animal farm and enjoy our farm animal feeding and animal petting and so much more like pony rides, train rides our bird aviary and so much more.

Want more activities for you and your family to enjoy? Don’t dare to miss all this fun and adventure at the fall farm festival in White post farms at Melville, New York


Come and enjoy the great Fall Farm Festival


Our Festival runs on the following dates:

Weekends and Columbus Day

October 4th, 5th, 11th, 12th, 13th, 18th, 19th, 25th, 26th

Admission Gates open 10AM – 4PM. You may stay until 6PM

Don’t miss it!


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 Long Island Pumpkin Patch